The physical side of tennis covers your technical competence and your fitness. The technical aspect pertains to mainly to your strokes. Tennis training tip number two would be: develop your strokes. This is the most obvious part of anyone’s development as a player.

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The technical facet also covers your movement, especially your footwork. Obviously, this goes hand in hand with the proper techniques of striking the ball because you cannot execute a stroke correctly without being in balance. Arriving at the ball with good balance requires that you have taken the right steps with your feet in order to get there.

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To win a tennis match, sometimes you just need to outlast your opponent. This is especially true for players who are of very similar ability and skill level. Stamina becomes a critical factor. The next tennis training tip then is: improve endurance. The most basic way to work on this is to increase aerobic resistance by doing activities like long distance running or swimming.

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